Summer – No more boring!
27th Apr 2019

Summer is the season of holidays with the scorching sun for the toddlers & teens, have so little to do outdoors & stay indoors.  Some families even migrate to another place to escape from the hotness of the sun. With deforestation & ozone layer depletion, the attack of UV rays is high when compared to the past 80 years. Well, this cannot be rectified but can be controlled with other factors like going for a swim or getting to a theme park filled with water games or its easier when you have all the entertainment factors inside the community of your home.  Amenities that not just engulfs your weekend but also your summer vacation is fulfilled in one swoop is something that’s way too cool in a gated community.

Amenities for an Exciting Summer!

The rest of the year the school goers will be busy with books, exams & sports. What entertainment factor is there to keep your hyperactive toddlers busy in the non-school day? Perfect, The solution is right here. Many gated communities provide a wide range of amenities such as a jogging track or a gym. These options help residents who are serious about health and fitness so that they can remain active and in great shape. However, a swimming pool offers a different option for exercise. Swimming every day helps you to start a regiment that does not have similar stresses to running or using weights in a gym. Swimming is a low impact type of exercise that is essential for people who might have existing mobility or health problems. Also, the fact that the swimming pool is exclusive to residents ensures privacy.

A home must predominantly be children-centric, which helps them acquire the basic skills, through games and interacting with their peers.

It is both competitive & encouraging when children of different cultures have a common play area, as their interpersonal skills & social awareness are enhanced. Obviously, it is very much possible at schools where our children get exposed to varied backgrounds. At the same time, when we expect schools to be ‘Home away from home’, we must expect our homes to be a place for learning & development.

We have some of the greatest vacation hideouts near our Gated Communities which makes the commuting less when compared to others.

Vijay Raja’s Classic in Vandalur has various amenities that would eat up your toddlers time like an Avenger movie where a fight goes way too interesting which in turn takes up almost 3 hours a day. As every day is an adventure for a toddler, the amenities that we provide is sumptuous for a Classic Lifestyle & for toddler engaging activities, well can also be said as amenities or games to play indoors to escape the sun!

To-Go spots in Vandalur!

The ideal vacations spots that are near Vandalur are, the famous and the largest zoo named Arignar Anna Zoological Park which has the major attraction for tourist & an ideal spot for summer vacation as its filled with trees, the cycle facility inside the zoo & of course the amazing creation of God can be visualized in one go.

A tree park that has been established recently in Kolapakkam near Vandalur which is expected to become a Go-to spot in the city starved of green spaces. The tree park is said to be the newest attraction of the city as it will have various trees from various parts of the state. Spread over 20 acres, the Forest Genetic Resources Tree Park will have plants found in the Western and Eastern Ghats where their presence keeps the temperature under control. While five saplings of 300 species from the two regions have already been planted, 150 trees of naaval (jamun or guava), iluppai and nuna species have been transplanted. Paneer, eeti, punnai, shenbagam, yetti, venthekku, rudhraksham, sandalwood, red sanders, vedippala, kadukkai, gooseberry, jackfruit, vengu, karungali, sengadambu, ettilingam, poovarasu, perumoongil, magizham and manjakadambu are among the species of trees that will soon flower all over the park.

To-Go spots outside the City!

Are you in a quest for fresh air to breathe in? The gated community Vijay Raja’s Sanctuary is filled with various kinds and types of trees which is a rare scenario in the urbanization of Chennai. Vijay Raja’s Sanctuary is Located in Madhuranthagam that is a precedent for greenery & green lush living.  Madhuranthagam, famous for the Bird Sanctuary in Vedanthangal has thousands of bird migration in the season of summer being one of the affordable or the cheapest vacation spot.

To-Go spots in Poonamallee!

The best Summer trip idea for a family for a day is theme parks. Queensland is one of the most loved & most visited place in summer has various entertainments for all age categories. Theme parks, one-day entertainment factor. What would you do on the other days? We have the complete entertainment package for you in our Vijay Raja Ideal Homes located in Gudapakkam near Poonamallee. An exclusive clubhouse & the community is also filled with multiple outdoor games just for your kids. These fun summer vacation entertainments can keep any toddler busy throughout the day

Clubs & Internal Forums help us be active socially and delineate the concept of quality living. Organizing official meetings or friendly parties become easier when a Meeting hall or auditorium is available and placed within the community.

Indoor courts & outdoor playgrounds rejuvenate our senses, undoubtedly.  Hence check whether these are in place and offer great features and functionalitie