Rise Of Modern Apartments
15th Jun 2019

The building of high rise apartments has an economic and technical advantage in the areas where the population density is very high. The population of the world is ever-increasing. The modern high rise buildings have become a unique feature in almost all the urban areas across the globes which are densely populated. In order to satisfy the needs of the people, many agencies are also emerging which indulge in construction and building activities, thereby resulting in the rise of many more high-rise buildings. If you are planning to own a house in Chennai, you should surely have a look at the modern apartments by VijayRaja. These buildings are fine pieces of architecture which exemplify perfection to the core! Designed and constructed by skilled professionals, these buildings will satisfy your desire for your dream home.

Features Of High-Rise Buildings Built By VijayRaja

The buildings built by VijayRaja have a very strong foundation. The structure is also very robust- consisting of piles, piers, caissons which are deeply sunk into the ground. The architecture is skillfully done keeping in mind that the buildings are able to withstand all the lateral forces that may be imposed by potential earthquakes as well as winds. The frames of the buildings are made very sturdy so as to prevent them from collapsing easily. The VijayRaja homes are then enclosed by walls which resemble curtains and there may be sheets of glass which do not bear the load.

Other Aspects

VijayRaja also makes sure that the buildings built by their skilled professionals are adequate in every possible way. For instance, the pipelines and the water supply are well taken care of. Similarly, the electricians make sure that power is supplied to every corner of the building by means of a safe wiring system.

When we think of tall buildings, the first and foremost concern that comes to our mind is transport. In high rise buildings by VijayRaja, the professionals make sure that the buildings have a proper elevator. An elevator is a device that is moved with the help of an electric motor which lowers and raises a cab inside a vertical shaft with the help of ropes. The elevators also have cables that are flexible. These cables provide the power for door opening, lighting, signal transmission and so on.

Not only this, the professionals also make sure that they remain very careful about the life-safety systems inside the building. For instance, the fire prevention standard is very strict. All these buildings are equipped with sufficient means of prevention in case of power failure, fire or any other kind of accident.

VijayRaja's project Exurb is one such project undertaken by VijayRaja which is located in the triangle named "Paradox of plenty". The facilities and the amenities of the complex are absolutely breathtaking. It is a high-rise apartment that has 506 units. Priced at ₹8 lakhs, the building is expected to be ready for possession by August, 2021.