Locality 200 feet road and price hiking.
18th Sep 2019

Vijay raja is one of the oldest real estate companies in Chennai. Vijayraja has been building unique and world class structures since the year 1949. As a premier real estate company, we understand that buying a home is not a small thing. A lot goes into making a space you call ‘home’. We, as a premier homer building community, have built a lot of homes and have helped a lot  of people get settled in to a life of success.

One of our ongoing projects is Vijayraja exurb. It is located in the Paradox of Plenty” triangle that has been identified in the capital city of Chennai. The homes feature a lot of amenities like a fully functioning gym, state of the art badminton court, covered car parking facility, a lawn along with an am phi theatre, complete cctv coverage of all common areas and much more. This is one of the most premium thiruporur apartments that are affordable. The apartments that we are planning for exurb are all 1 BHK and 2 BHK premium apartments.

Our real estate company takes its corporate social responsibility very seriously. When you buy a home with us, you can be sure that the home will be built in an eco-friendly manner and there will be lot of open spaces covered in greenery.

Pricehiking is a common practice in the world. It refers to the practice of an area becoming developed as soon as there is a major project in the vicinity. As a result of price hiking, especially near the 200feet Road,  it is often seen that the prices of flats and apartments also increase. With our real estate company, you can rest assure as the price that are charged for homes are very affordable. You can book your home today in our apartment complex in thiruporur to get ahead of the hundreds of people and beat the hike in prices.

Another notable and interesting thing about exurb is that the Tamil Nadu government has been extensively discussing and planning a new airport to be opened up in Thiruporur. This will not only lead to an increase in development, it will also open up new avenues for businesses.




Why should you choose Vijay Raja Exurb?

Firstly, we have done a lot of extensive research about the location of constructing the exurb project, the Thiruporur and Chengalpattu region is one of the most preferred places in Chennai to have a home right now. The prices are also affordable and there will be huge development in the coming months that will increase the value of your home tenfold. Not only this, Exurb is located in such a place that commute to other important parts of the city is easy and not stressful.

Secondly, unlike many other real estate development companies in Chennai, we are very concerned about the quality of the materials that are being used in the construction of your home. The homes that we build will last you generations to come. This is a guarantee that we give our customers.