How Safe Is A Gated Community?
18th Jun 2019

VijayRaja's Project Classic Villa has eliminated the age-old fear that only the rich and powerful can afford to live in gated communities that would be a haven and equipped with all the modern facilities of life. Affordable housing is being made in gated communities where people can get apartments or villas for or reasonable prices. All the facilities that no one can imagine that will accompany a gated community will also be provided. These gated communities are incredibly safe as we have security guard 24/7 along with modern surveillance system other than that there are other luxurious amenities.


Luxurious Living

These niches are located in the suburbs, but they are connected to the roads and the hubs of the city through to the network of roads which will take very less time. This luxury villa has an extremely sophisticated Outlook but has been made with the intent that anybody who wants a luxurious will be able to afford such beautiful homes for themselves. These villas are extremely spacious as it is 3 BHK with amenities such as a multi gym, swimming pool, 24/7 power supply badminton court clubhouse snooker and mini theater amongst others. Search luxurious setting will surely attract you and your family.


Modern Apartments For All 

The Exurb Apartments has been designed for the modern dweller food like a fancy apartment for themselves. There are 1 BHK and 2 BHK options and is located among the Thiruporur and Chengalpattu. This is also inside a gated community which is equipped with state of the art facility design crew provide luxury and safety to all the people who will be residents of this incredible project. The tall Gates, security guards who have been hired after a thorough background check and CCTV cameras would surely give you a sense of peace knowing that your family will be safe in this community. You can easily let your children play in the children's areas without any ill thoughts because children safety is our number one priority and the modern technological advancements have made sure that we can ensure that nothing that happened to the young ones inside our community.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Motto

 We ensure that there is a place for everyone in our homes that have been designed for all. You can pick a place for yourself depending upon the size of your family and happily live in our homes designed for you. You can go through all the videos that have been uploaded on our website. This will give you the place if you cannot physically come and check out the property. We have a lot of projects, and you will surely be impressed by the options that are available for you. If the concern of security still looms our mind, you would be astonished to find that other than the security measures stated above, and we also have video door phone with CCTV services which makes these houses ideal homes and sanctuary for you and your loved ones.