Dream, Desire and Devote! Our MD’s walk to Success!
26th Jan 2019

It’s never easy to whittle down 35 years’ worth of Mr.Chendilnathan’s dedication, ideas, research, and hard work in one single article. It all started at the age of 13, holding hands with his father, with much focus & futuristic thought, the one thing that he asked with much passion was to build a huge & beautiful wedding hall in Chennai. In 1983, with many cravings for the field of Construction, he stepped into the field of Business as The Managing Director.

Possessing practical knowledge in the field of construction, he engineered many facets of the business. Untiring zest for excellence and down-to-earth with consistent effort sums up the company’s success. After Holding up a chain of companies, he built up his dream wedding hall in the year 1990. His interests were kindled when he could see the massive construction of the wedding hall right in front of his eyes. This is the point where our MD wanted to deliver much more to the field of real estate. His base inspiration was to build lower budgeted homes for more number of people rather than building higher budget homes for lesser people.

Being passionate to deliver quality homes at affordable prices he took a leap step every time and found success in the same. As like APJ Sir’s words “You have to dream before your dreams can come true”, he has always stood by his dreams and worked for it with much dedication & discipline. One of his dreams is to build a home for his family with much care and with personalized traditional touch which he could achieve at the age of 40. When everyone asked him to retire at the age of 41, he had other ideas.

 In his next phase of life when his Son Mr.Ashwin stepped into the Company as the Joint Managing Director with much more vision to bring in a new change to the work style, inspired our MD to work 16 hours a day. Real Estate is a downtrend industry, we have proved that our products are made worth the penny. When a quality product is delivered, the cycle of Customer Delight runs without any brake. At his 45th age, he could achieve his vision on building affordable homes with luxury lifestyle as he took every detail of his life with the utmost care and performed everything with discipline and respect. ”Each and every individual has distinctive talents. Everyone gets a chance in their life to outrage the talent in them. I used the opportunity to bring out my talent combined with my interest at the right time” said our MD.

Our MD’s Vision is to bring our company to universal standards in the real estate sector. Employment, meagreness in the developing country, all that he wants is to employ the talented and energetic youngsters to be the best resource to the company’s growth which directly reciprocates in the country’s growth.