Chengalpattu Growth and Improvement.
23rd Dec 2019

Chengalpattu is a small town located 50 kilometres away from south of Chennai and is facing
some massive amount of change and modification as well. With all these medication and
enhancement in its system, this suburb area is ready to evolve as a satellite hub of Chennai .
Relatively how Gurugram is to Delhi, and Thane is to Mumbai. Chengalpattu having an
accidental development , whereas in Gurugram, there were a lot of different factors issued, in
midst of those , it ultimately evolved into such an advanced and improved area.

Transportation system and railway facilities provided through Chennai play a quintessential role
in the development of Chengalpattu. The train connectivity and the bus facilities of GST road
being an added advantage is to bring even higher amount of advancement in Chengalpattu in
the upcoming years. The Metropolitan transport corporation is issuing multiple busses in
between Chengalpattu and Broadway, and the Tamil Nadu state transport corporation is
providing buses from Tambaram and Chengalpattu to the near by villages.

Real estate developments are having a massive hit in the nearby communities of Chengalpattu,
and that is again resulting in the betterment of the place as well. The absence of industrial
influence and effluence in Chengalpattu is one of the most significant advantages behind the
betterment of the place.

The quality of life is a lot more better and pure compared to the near by cities . Apart from the
negligible amount of pollution and the presence of pure and clean air , there is abundant
availability of water and as well as greenery. It is expected to become a holiday destination
after a few years or so due to its amazing environmental conditions.

When it comes to investment in real estate, the prices are top notch all over India and
especially in cities at a fast pace. Whereas in Chengalpattu, real estate prices are comparatively
cheap compared to the near by cities . This is a fantastic opportunity for people who are
planning to find a perfect place to create their living.
Land, as well as apartments in Chengalpattu, are a lot cheap than the city areas. Also, as time
passes by, the price of real estate are hiking here, it has increased nearly 14% in the last four to
five years. If people start investing right away in real estate, then in the upcoming years, the
prices will effectively increase and will bring exclusive benefit also.
Another essential factor that is needed to reside in Chengalpattu and make it into a well-
developed suburb area is the availability of schools , Colleges , banks and hospitals. In recent
days there are multiple schools set up there like Brindavan Public School, Saint Joseph's Higher
Secondary, and Seventh-Day Adventist Higher Secondary School.

Apart from that, there are some top quality hospitals present viz. JSP Hospital, Medical College
Hospital, Beent Hospital, Balaji Hospital, and Venkatramana Hospital. Here doctors and
available 24/7 and giving top-notch medical facilities and care to people in need as well.
Banks and ATMs are also available in abundance and are present at reachable points within the
residing areas.
Chengalpattu is evolving and is turning into a better and expected to be more developed area in
the upcoming years by attracting a good number of residents and companies to start a business
over there.