Amenities that will make you feel Yayee!
22nd Nov 2018

One looks for all the possible desires and benefits when buying a home in a gated community. Most of the gated communities in Chennai ensure these three prerequisites needed for a balanced living: Luxury, Comfort & Security. One more great advantage is the amenities that are provided for the residents. Amenities that engulfs your weekend in one swoop is something that’s way too cool in a gated community.

Recreational Options

Clubs & Internal Forums help us be active socially and delineate the concept of quality living. Organizing official meetings or friendly parties become easier, when a Meeting hall or auditorium is available and placed within the community.

Indoor courts & outdoor playgrounds rejuvenate our senses, undoubtedly.  Hence check whether these are in place and offer great features and functionalities.

Exercise- Swimming pool

Many gated communities provide a wide range of amenities such as a jogging track or a gym. These options help residents who are serious about health and fitness so that they can remain active and in great shape. However, a swimming pool offers a different option for exercise. Swimming every day helps you to start a regiment that does not have similar stresses to running or using weights in a gym. Swimming is a low impact type of exercise that is essential for people who might have existing mobility or health problems. Also, the fact that the swimming pool is exclusive to residents ensures privacy.

Retiring in Style

With a pool, an in-house gym and a bouquet of amenities, it is ideal for the elderly, especially if they prefer an evening stroll or a quiet swim. With proximity to neighbours, residents can look to each other for motivation, or for help reaching their physical or intellectual goals.

Children’s Play Area

A home must predominantly be children-centric, which helps them acquire the basic skills, through games and interacting with their peers.

It is both competitive & encouraging when children of different cultures have a common play area, as their interpersonal skills & social awareness are enhanced. Obviously, it is very much possible at schools where our children get exposed to varied backgrounds. At the same time, when we expect schools to be ‘Home away from home’, we must expect our homes to be a place for learning & development.

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Author: Freeda Magdalin