A community to Cater to the needs of your toddler
18th Mar 2019

While buying a home, the first and foremost visualization to do is to feel yourself in the environment for the rest of their life. The manipulation of ideas on leading a great life in a greater environment encourages a person to go a step further in buying a home. Say that if a person is single, and all that they imagine is being married and starting a new life in a new home, or a couple who is planning to have kids or even a couple who has more than a kid. All that they want in a gated community is how helpful it is in nurturing the lives of their toddlers.

In Vijay Raja, we provide the utmost care and attention to kids and their future, as they are the future runners of our nation. Toddlers these days are very active, hyper & way too brilliant that even their parents are not able to manage them at home with all their questions. To tackle all these questions, hyper-activeness & brilliance, parents are looking out for gated communities that keep their toddlers busy after their school hours until they get back from office. In this fast-growing city, every parent is forced to go to work to make up a stable lifestyle for their kids and for their future purposes. They get worried about what would happen to their kid after school hours until they get back home. We provide solutions for all your questions & doubts.

All projects of Vijay Raja are built & developed with amenities that are Kids-centric, youngster-centric & helpful for elders. But most of the amenities are designed and developed specially for kids.

In Vijay Raja Classic, A project with Row Villas which is about 57 Villas has 2 specially designed clubhouses.  The Club Houses have various amenities like Swimming Pool, Squash, Table Tennis, Video Gaming Centre, Snookers and much more. Outdoor games are more important for kids to grow with nutrition & good health. A huge Badminton Court and more outdoor space to run & play is cream on the cake for the Hyperactive toddlers.

In Vijay Raja’s Ideal Homes, A project with 224 Apartments has a multilevel clubhouse that has commercial shops & indoor games for kids as well as adults. Outdoor games like VolleyBall, BasketBall, Badminton, skating, cricket are facilitated with their respective courts according to the game. A park for the kids is also built inside the gated community.

In Vijay Raja’s Exurb, A project with 506 Apartments has a Mall inside the Gated Community which has numerous kids attraction centers that draw their minds & hearts. This gated community has about 20+ Amenities only for Kids. Starting from Archery, Badminton Court, Toy Room, Gazebo, Basketball Court, Cricket Net Practice, Roller skates, Volleyball court, Kabaddi Court, Table games, Monkey Bars, Parallel Bars, Frisbee, Four Square, Wall Climbing, Swing Ball, Slide, Swing, Ladder ball, See-saw, Jungle Jim & Ring Ball.

If you have kids or are planning to, you need to plan for how your home can cater to the needs of an infant, a rambunctious toddler or a moody teenager. Above are things you need to consider to make your next investment a kid-friendly one!


                                                                     Author: Freeda Magdalin