2 BHK – Always preferable for a luxury living
17th Dec 2018

A long-term dream of many youngsters is to own a home. With so many flexibilities in the loan process and other terms, they are able to buy and own their dream homes at ease. The place where the question raises is whether to buy a 1BHK or 2BHK or 3BHK? Is 1BHK enough for an Ideal living? Or should I go for 2BHK? Maybe 3BHK would be preferable but will it be at my affordability? Are some of the questions raised in a person’s mind when they invest to buy their dream home.

We are here to educate you in the right way to invest in your affordability for a luxury living. We are one of the leading realtors in Chennai who provide more number of units in 2BHK other than 1BHK or 3BHK living is only because it’s high on demand. When something is high on demand, the production is high. When the production is high, the costing is at affordability. Buying a home, a 2BHK home at one’s affordability is the best investment one can make in their lifetime. There are some reasons why 2BHK living is preferable.

Easy to get:

Any multi storey gated community will have larger units allocated for 2BHK. It’s easy to get as they are more in number when compared to 1BHK & 3BHK. A great location with all the basic and necessary facilities is what you have to check for. The location that you would prefer is where the future development is high. Find a location that suits your needs, there you are, at your new residence.

More resale value:

With high demands for 2BHK Living, it’s easier to sell it when you want an upgrade in your lifestyle. One can get more returns on investment when they opt for a 2BHK home in any location in and around the city. It’s for sure a profitable investment and the best way of investment.


The main reason for going for 1 BHK is that the less value, however, trust me that value spent there, is going to be a lot of helpful than future regret. There are several builders who deliver by creating reasonable homes for the buyers to draw in them. You'll be able to obtain these homes or choose between Outskirt spaces wherever the pricing is cheaper.

The shopping for a home is a time period investment. Usually, we have a tendency to handle taking a loan and paying the EMI on a monthly basis. If you're going for a 2 BHK rather than 1 BHK, it won’t have an effect on you abundant on the monthly installment basis as you're not paying the entire quantity promptly.

Rental Returns:

Most of the people’s mentality is to live in a rental home until they are fully ready to move into their next phase of buying a new home. The most preferred for rentals is a 2BHK by most of the newly married or buy a nuclear family. When upgrading to a higher lifestyle, it is not necessary to sell the home that you have been living for long. One can just leave the home for rent as the rental returns are high which an extra way of income is.


The size of the apartment and the amenities provided is what that defines the maintenance cost. Maintaining your home is easier and simpler which will definitely be much cheaper and affordable than the maintenance of a 3BHK home. 2BHK are preferable as they are sufficient in space and easy to maintain.  


Author: Freeda Magdalin