Apartments/Flats for Sale in Poonamallee

Flats for Sale in Poonamallee

Have you been searching for flats for sale in Chennai? If you are on a budget and are a first-time buyer, then you can buy one of the 1 BHK flats in Poonamallee. On the other hand, if you already own a home, then you can purchase a single bedroom house and give it for rent or lease. Are you wondering why we are asking you to go for a one BHK flat? There are many benefits in purchasing such flats for sale in Chennai.

Firstly, a one BHK flat is more affordable when compared to the bigger houses or individual villas. So, if you are working, then it will be easier to purchase a single bedroom apartment or flats for sale in Poonamallee as you are more likely to get a better loan offer. Secondly, renting out a smaller house is also easier compared to the larger houses. There are many colleges, manufacturing companies, and software companies located in and around this locality. Moreover, people who have migrated to this city for work or education will prefer to go for a 1BHK house as it comes with a lesser rent and advance.

Thirdly, if you are buying one of the 1 BHK flats in Poonamallee, then you will surely find maintenance easy. Larger flats and apartments require more maintenance. Plus, if you buy a house in one of the large apartment complexes, then you may have to shell out maintenance charge that is almost equal to the rent in other localities. So, you will be making a lot of savings by buying these flats for sale in Chennai.

The other advantage of owing a 1 BHK home is that you will find resale easier. If you put up your flats for sale, then you are sure to quickly find buyers for a smaller house when compared to a larger residential apartment.

Vijay Raja Homes makes it possible. You won’t believe it, but we are offering flats under 18Lakhs in Chennai!!

Wondering if you heard it right? Flats under 18Lakhs in Chennai!! Yes, it is very much true. We are launching our next project of affordable houses in Poonamallee - Ideal Homes. Set in a good location in Poonamallee area, this upcoming project will have 224 apartment units, all beautifully designed with the best and updated amenities. The houses are priced between Rupees 18 Lakhs and 23.98 Lakhs depending on the floor area, amenities, and other facilities. Even if you go for the top end houses, you will surely find it within your budget.

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    Rs.18 lakhs.

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