Experience the Affordable Luxury living
19th Sep 2018

One motto, the only aim of Vijay Raja is to provide affordable homes in a luxurious way for the people who have great demand for housing. The immigrants from other places settle down in Chennai as it is the hot-spot of the whole state. The deliverance of affordable homes is possible only if the builder has attained the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction. Satisfying a person with a product is the base level but making them really excited about living in a luxurious place at their affordability is something rare.

The market is flooded with the high - end luxury housing but the segment of affordable housing has a gigantic shortage in some states, particularly in big cities. At present, the market price for any affordable home lies between Rs30 lakhs to Rs.40 lakhs, but 90% of the demand will be only between Rs.10 lakhs to Rs.30 lakhs. Any home below the price range of Rs.40 lakhs will not be provided with extra luxurious amenities inside Chennai. All these apartments will only have the basic requirements like lift facility which makes them no lesser than the housing board apartments.

 Affordable housing is expected not only to improve the basic quality of life but also make a good economic sense. The greatest support for any builder is the backward integration by which the ultimate concept of affordable can be obtained. Backward integration is not so prevalent among the builders of Chennai. Above all, a person sees in a reputed builder is that whether they use the right materials which is cost effective?  In this competitive world, it has become a necessity to get an own house with cost-effectiveness from a builder. To achieve the best, Vijay Raja has the Backward Integrations that helps them to deliver the competitive price that fits the perception of the customer. Enticing the cost-effective products that they use for the buildings at customers affordability is one of their greatest strengths.

Vijay Raja’s only desire is to provide a quality product with utmost transparency for which, Vijay Raja has the pride to showcase the home scan report which is a complete scan of your luxurious home. Providing a home to just live-in is not something that we work for. Added luxurious amenities that we provide will definitely make a person excited about leading their luxurious life with us. The obvious perks of living in a builder maintained home has too many added advantage as the customer will be provided with all the In-house services by the builder itself. Vijay Raja’s prime focus is to make the customer feel the luxury even in the diminutive work that we deliver. The progress of buying a home will be made much simpler as Vijay Raja provides all the services right from booking till the hand over as we have specialized teams working for the respective service. And our services prolongs even after possession with our In-house services. Manufacturing of own products helps us to be more cost efficient that would make our customers happy. To gain a customer’s satisfaction and trust we deliver products that are affordable with an incomparable quality of work.

The concept of affordable housing not only changes the lives of the residents, but the benefits are also passed along to the community in significant ways. It revitalizes distressed neighborhoods and promotes economic and social integration while building community. It creates an urge as a center of gravity not only to serve the residents, but it’s also an asset to the broader community. Affordable housing ensures that the cost of housing is not very high such that families can afford to meet their respective health and education costs. This is also beneficial as it provides an adequate security of tenure for improving an individual’s capacity to get and also maintain employment. In addition to that, affordable housing enables people to continue living in areas that they have been living for a long time.

It provides direct economic advantages to the immediate community. Provides a diverse workforce- The best thing about affordable housing is the fact that it accommodates individuals with different skills that are beneficial to the community. To know more about Vijay Raja and our projects in just one click, search by www.vijayrajagroup.com or call us @ 8440004000.

In the realty segment, the white-collar class purchasers need to give a greater and more agreeable home to their families. Such homes can cost them more. In any case, with reasonable extravagance homes, they simply need to trade off with a couple of things and they can get practically a similar way of life in a lesser moderate cost. Without compensating on the luxurious lifestyle one can lead the exact lifestyle with Vijay Raja’s Affordable luxury homes.