A boom of Chennai - Japanese township, Onehub
31st Jul 2018

OMR be its name but it serves as a hub for cultural and industrial development that has faced tremendous growth in few years. OMR has outraged a supper growth with infrastructural wonders in a limited point of time. Once there were people who hesitated to travel through OMR but now it has become the IT corridor & Industrial space for the development of the country.  Best-in-class industrial spaces have seen an extraordinary growth and development in a matter of 10 years. OMR is the only location that has witnessed drastic growth in a short period of time. The growth was not just steady but an awe extension that now serves as the base development of the state as well as the country.

OneHub, the name that justifies the real meaning by offering resources in one place like that of a puzzle. Name any industry & one will be able to find and locate it in OneHub. Best-in-class industrial spaces have been allocated for numerous industries that cover-ups all the basic and advanced career development. OneHub Chennai is a Next Generation Industrial Township, offering a balanced development of business, residential and industrial real estate, complete with supporting amenities.  

Almost 16 top manufacturing companies have been planned to be set up in Onehub for which these companies were seeking exemption from the Land Reforms Act conditions capping the maximum possible landholding. Following requests from these companies coming up at 1,450-acre OneHub Chennai Integrated Township project (also known as Omega Japanese Satellite Township project) seeking exemption under Section 37-A to hold excess lands, a high-level meeting was held with the chairperson of Industrial Exemption Committee and Commissioner of Land Reforms, sources in the industries department.

Tamil Nadu government has already sought remarks from the secretaries of agriculture, industries, and housing departments, Director of Town and Country Planning and executive vice-chairman of Industrial Guidance and Export Promotion Bureau over the matter. Leading Japanese companies including Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ajinomoto, and Takasago are the first customers of the project and have commenced development of their facilities.

This magnificent location has all the basic requirements for an individual to lead a successful and can outrage the lifestyle with the best resource. Industrial Spaces for the automobile industry, electronics and much more are about to set up in this location which is said to be the next generation industrial township.